Electric Floor Heat

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Why Install Electric Floor Heat?

Enjoy the coziness of warm floors with electric floor heating systems. Electric Floor Heating Systems provides soothing comfort and consistent even heat for your tile, stone, laminate, and engineered wood floors without cold spots. Electric Floor Heating Systems are energy efficient, and can be controlled using a variety of thermostat options, programmable and non-programmables.

If you are interested in leaving a smaller carbon footprint and using less energy, you may want to consider electric floor warming instead of the many traditional heating systems for your Greater Vancouver home. There are many benefits to going green with radiant floor heating. For example, an electric floor heating system does not make use of oil, natural gas, wood, or other non-renewable resources. Floor heating makes use of electricity, and as more municipalities commit themselves to providing electricity through more environmentally friendly means, electric heating through floor heating systems is rapidly becoming one of the more ecologically conscious ways to stay warm.

In addition, energy efficient heating systems using floor heat tend to use far less electricity than like older electric heating systems. For example, if you have baseboard heaters, these heaters may be using more electricity than the heating mats which are used as part of an electric floor heat system. Electric floor heating mats tend to use the equivalent of three 100 Watts electric light-bulbs for every 25 ft.² of space. This allows you to keep your heating bills and your energy consumption low.

In addition, quality electric floor heat also comes with many additional advantages that can help you control how much energy you consume. For example, many heated floor systems come with timers and thermostats that let you to set the controls for your home heat to reasonable levels.

In addition, all floor heating systems allow you to heat your home room by room. This allows you to maintain a minimum warm temperature in your attic, for example, while keeping your living room or your dining room warmer. Unlike heating systems that have only one thermostat control for your entire Vancouver home and therefore heat areas of the home that do not require heating, floor heat allows you to control your heating and therefore save on energy costs while cutting down your carbon footprint.

Superior floor heat systems have programmable thermostats as well, which allow you to set timers so that your home is not heated while you are outside. This can help you come back home from work to a warm home without wasting any energy.