Surge Protection

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WireChief Electric Ltd. advises you to have the proper surge suppression device installed for protection of your personal electrical devices and equipment.

A surge protector is an appliance designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes.

There are many unmanageable factors that can cause power outages. These include unfavourable weather conditions and accidental contact with our power lines by construction equipment, vehicles or wildlife. When power distribution is affected, there is a potential for an onrush of current — which can occur during the disturbance, during operation of the utility protection equipment, and when power is reestablished.

This power surge, is usually caused by a brief voltage fluctuation. Even though it might last only fractions of a second, such a surge can harm delicate parts commonly found in all electronic devices, including your computers, home entertainment system, telephone, appliances and security system.

In the case of your computer, a power fluctuation can disrupt software, delete valuable data and damage the hard drive, printer, modem and other related equipment.

One level of surge suppression is usually not enough.

More than one line of defense is essential to protect your equipment from power disruptions — a heavy duty surge suppressor at your main service panel and several point-of-use surge suppressors downstream.

The surge protector at your main service panel deals with large surges.

The smaller point-of-use surge suppressors handle what remains of surges that get past the main surge suppressor, and protect individual pieces of equipment. They also offer protection from internal surges.

So what is the best solution?

The most effective line of defense against all types of power surges is a high quality main panel surge suppressor installed directly on the main electrical panel by a knowledgeable and experienced  Vancouver electrician.

Phone and cable line protection should also be included as surges can also enter your home this way.  A high quality panel surge protector will repeatedly absorb any incoming spike and reduce it to an satisfactory level, thereby protecting the valuable electronics in your home or office. 

A knowledgeable WireChief Electric – Vancouver Electricians will be able to offer you valuable advice, as a well sized surge protector for the whole house can save you thousands of dollars from just one single incident.

As Residential Electricians in Vancouver, we are able to inspect and evaluate the safety and efficacy of your home’s electrical system.

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