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The insurance company sent you a letter?

Need a wiring inspection?

Are you worried about  potentially unsafe wiring performed by unlicensed electricians or handymen  that could present a safety hazard to your home?

vancouver home electrical inspection

We Do Home Electrical Safety Inspections In Vancouver

We specialize in home electrical safety & risk assessments for insurance purposes and your peace of mind:

  • Aluminum Wiring Inspection
  • K & T ( Knob and Tube ) Wiring Inspections
  • Electrical Service Panel Inspections
  • Rental Property Electrical Inspections
  • Home Purchase Electrical Inspections
  • Pre-sale Inspection – Pre-purchase Electrical Inspections


Our home electrical safety & risk inspections comply with insurance company’s requirements, all our assessments include a summary of safety concerns and recommendations on our company letterhead.

Your Peace of Mind is only a couple steps away:

 1. Contact us at 604-800-1665. After our electrician talk with you about your needs he will be able to give you the exact cost of the inspection.

2. Arrange your appointment. Please allow 1.5 – 2 hours for your thorough inspection.

3. After the electrical inspection, within 24 hrs, we will send you a full report by email, including concerns, recommendations and risk level.


Vancouver Home Electrical Inspection, Electrical Safety Reports:

 Worried about the condition of your house electrical system, just moved to another house or wanting to sell your property?  We suggest all homes are periodically inspected every ten years or whenever it seems necessary due changes or electrical problems.

We perform thorough home electrical inspections and provide you with a detailed electrical safety report on the status of your home.

After the inspection is performed you will receive a written electrical safety report that can be used for your insurance company or to show to any potential buyer that your home is in a safe condition, if you are planning to sell your house.

Here What Some of Our Customer Have Had to Say:

“My home insurance company required a safety inspection on knob & tube wiring in my home before they would renew the policy. I had the same insurance policy for more than 30 years, had done a major house addition & renovation in 1984 (which was inspected by the city electrical inspector at the time) and there were no previous problems but the insurance company decided to do a detailed survey about the construction of my home for some reason. I told them there was still some K&T wiring left that we could not replace in 1984 without tearing several walls apart and I was given 30 days to submit a report by a licensed electrical contractor. I was leaving for a 3 week vacation in a few days so I needed something done in a hurry. I read the Homestars reviews on electrician, found that Octavio had done a similar report for a customer who gave him a good recommendation so I e-mailed him on a Saturday (not a working day for him), explained the problem and the timeline, and he replied within two hours to tell me he could fit in an inspection visit on Monday. He showed up right on time, knew exactly what was needed, did a thorough job of looking at all parts of the K&T wiring and completed the report immediately before he left. By 11AM Monday I emailed his report to the insurance company and started packing my suitcase. The price was fair, the work was excellent, and I really appreciated the timely response by Octavio. For all those reasons I am pleased recommend him to anyone who needs the same type of inspection done.” By by Albert | Burnaby

“After 26 years of insuring with the same company with no complications, I was informed because of the age of my house, an electrical inspection was required to rate risk factors. This had never happened before. A “specialist” was recommended-at $380, almost the cost of the policy!I contacted Octavio’s company instead. He is personable, prompt, efficient and highly professional.After his inspection and report which cost considerably less than the other company, he went through what he had found, step by step, and even showed me pictures he had taken along the way. He even pointed out visually errors another electrician had made on an earlier and costly job. I wish I had discovered him earlier and would recommend his services unconditionally” by Judi | Vancouver


Knob and tube (K&T) wiring was an common standardized method of electrical wiring in North America from about 1880 to the 1940s. Knob & Tube wiring is considered obsolete and can be a safety hazard, although some of the fear associated with it is not deserved.

Knob-and-Tube Wiring is not inherently unsafe. The dangers from this system come up from its age, improper modifications, and situations where insulation envelops the wires. Also K & T wiring has no ground wire and thus can’t service any three-pronged appliances. Even though, it’s considered obsolete, there is no code that demands its complete removal.

WireChief Electric offers a comprehensive Knob & Tube Home Electrical Safety Assessments to provide Metro Vancouver homeowners with a accurate risk rating of the electrical system in a home, for the insurance industry.

Through a 80 point safety check of your electrical system,  the safety of the electrical system is determined.  Following the inspection, a Risk Assessment Report is prepared describing the risk level as low, medium, high or extreme risk.  If hazards are identified, a list of corrective actions is  presented to the homeowner.

Knob and tube wiring can be safe and functional, but it is very outdated with the needs of modern homes.  Houses with old original wiring can be confirmed as low or medium risk and be considered moderately safe. The electricians of WireChief Electric have experience inspecting knob and tube wiring to determine its safety.

While a home can be safely wired with existing K & T,  there are some issues to be concerned about, such as, ungrounded receptacles, which are a safety issue for today’s lifestyle, high energy usage and technology.

Recently some home insurance companies have begun to request an Electrical Safety Assessment or Home Electrical Inspection prior to renew home insurance policies.

If you are concern about the safety of your Knob and Tube wiring feel free to contact us, we can come out and inspect your wiring and advice of the proper steps to take.

 The qualified Vancouver electricians of WireChief Electric can inspect the wiring of your home to determine its safety. With proper documentation from a licensed electrical contractor many insurance companies will readily insure your home.

Centrally based out of Vancouver, we proudly service the Greater Vancouver Area – West VancouverNorth VancouverBurnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Delta, Richmond, Surrey & surrounding areas.


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