Aluminum Wiring Insurance in Vancouver


“My insurance broker asked if my home has Aluminum wiring – should I be worried if my home has this type of wiring?”

The current electrical wire in Vancouver homes is copper.  Since copper is a superior conductor than aluminum, aluminum wire must be larger to carry the same current as copper safely.

Due to the increased cost of copper during the early 1950s and late 1970s, many homes built or renovated at this time in Vancouver were wired with aluminum. This wiring may be recognized by the letters AL or the word ALUMINUM stamped on the plastic covering or cable.

In 1977 the Government of Ontario created a Commission of Inquiry on the use of aluminum wiring in residential applications. Following a comprehensive investigation, the Commission found that Aluminum wiring is safe if properly installed and recommended that aluminum wiring continue to be allowed for residential use.

So why the concern in the first place?

There are basically three reasons why aluminum wiring may be of concern:

It has a propensity to overheat at the receptacle.

It is easily cut or scratched since it is a more malleable product than copper.

It has a predisposition to change shape at the terminal screws and become loose.

Care to be taken with aluminum wiring:

Do not overuse.

Copper and Aluminum must not be connected together except using connectors.

When getting replacement receptacles, switches, or fixtures, ensure they are suited for aluminum wiring.

As part of your home preventive maintenance, switches and receptacles should be regularly checked by removing the cover plates and visually inspecting the wires for any signs of burning, looseness, heat and/or odour.

The homeowner must take extra care. If you suspect problems may exist, including discoloration of the wall receptacle, flickering lights, or the odour of hot plastic insulation, have a licensed electrician inspect the aluminum wiring, including connections.


The Good News

Fortunately, for homeowners who are unsure about obtaining insurance on houses with aluminum wiring, there are insurance companies that can take on new business. If a licensed electrician performs an electrical home inspection and finds no visible damage or deficiencies related to the electrical wiring, the right insurance agency can write a policy without discrimination against aluminum wiring.

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Electrical Safety Authority: Issues with Aluminum Wiring 

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