EV Charger Installation

EV Charger Installation in Vancouver by Professional Electricians

EV Charger Installation

Are you the new owner of an electric vehicle?

Are you tired of waiting for 20–24 hrs to have your electric vehicle fully charged at home?

Do you want to install a faster EV charge? Do you want the convenience of a high-speed EV charging station at home? Would you like to add resale value to your home?

Having a Level 2 240V Electrical car charging station at home is ideal because most EV owners do most of their charging at home. For example, charging your EV car using a standard 120-volt outlet–on a dedicated circuit with no other loads won’t work for anyone who drives long distances frequently and doesn’t have the time or opportunity to recharge their car during the day.

Upgrading to a Level 2 EV charging station is really a necessity, particularly if you don’t want to rely on public EV charging stations in your workplace or nearby your home.

The EV charging station can be installed outside the house or inside of your garage.

Completely Charged and Ready to Go



Level 2 EV charging station charges up to 5 times faster than a Level 1 station plugged into a regular 110v plug. Having a Level 2 EV charging station at home is like having your own gas station right at your house.


EV Charger Installation Includes:


Professional installation by knowledgeable electricians.

Electrical consultation to verify if an electrical system upgrade is needed.

Ensure the location for the EV charger installation allows the charging cord to reach the EV car charging port while still providing slack.

The Prompt & Friendly Service you deserve.

Quality Workmanship backed with a Lifetime Labour Warranty.

All EV Charger installation is done in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications, electrical code, and city permit requirements.



Our professional electricians can help you to install a new, dedicated, non-GFCI two-pole circuit breaker for your electric car charging station at home.

We can also help you if you choose to charge your vehicle with the provided adapter and need a dedicated circuit for your 110v plug.

Vancouver EV charger installation Services, also called EV Charging Station, Electrical vehicle charging station, Charging Point, and EVSE.  

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