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Knob & Tube Removal

 Get the Peace of Mind, Improved Appraisal Value & Convenience of Modern Wiring

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If you'd like to learn more about your system & investigate the possibility of rewiring your house, contact us for a free, no-obligation courtesy inspection. 
Having the peace of mind, knowing your electrical system meets the modern electrical code for safety, goes a long way.  

Knob & Tube Wiring Specialist

WireChief Electric Ltd. specializes in Knob & Tube Rewiring, Repairs & Safety Inspections, caring for your historic & stately homes with skill, respect and expertise. When WireChief Electric completes a Knob & Tube Removal, the home has all the character of its era, and all the advantage and safety of a new house.  

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Our electricians are friendly and helpful and will go over and above to ensure you get the best service you've ever experienced.

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Upfront honest pricing with no surprises. Honestly is our culture. We embrace the values of reliability & integrity. 

Lifetime Warranty

WireChief Electric is Vancouver's Knob & Tube specialist. We also offer a lifetime workmanship warranty on all our repairs.

Because most older homes have a mix of Knob & Tube and other type of wiring, it is essential to have an expert perform an honest assessment to provide you with all your options to make your home safer.

Major Dangers of Knob & Tube Wiring

Modern Living Requires More Power than The Old System was Intended to Supply 

Knob and tube wiring is two-stranded – with a hot wire and a neutral wire only – it uses no ground wire. There is absolutely no protection whatsoever when a fault occurs. Shocks and fires can easily result from faults caused by knob and tube wiring.

Knob and tube wiring uses sheathing for insulation and both of these disintegrate easily over time. Since buildings that contain this type of wiring are old, the problem is increased. Modern wiring uses much better insulation materials that are much safer.

Older electrical systems use a 60 amp service but the wire is fused with 15 amps. This means that more current is flowing through the wire than it is meant to handle, leading to excessive heat and possible fire.

Older electrical systems didn’t carry high ampacity loads and these extra loads cause the insulation to become brittle, exposing bare wire and the capacity to overheat which can cause fires.

Older systems that use knob and tube wiring also use two-prong receptacles, restricting the use of small kitchen appliances. Since there is no ground wire, there is increased chance of shock and injury, especially around areas where water is prevalent. Kitchens and bathrooms are especially at risk.

The Best Solution 

  • Removing the old Knob & Tube wiring and replacing the entire system with new copper wiring to meet today’s Electrical Safety Code Authority standards
  • Upgrading to at least a 100 amp service (required by most insurance companies)
  • Proper grounding and bonding (essential)
  • Replacing the old ungrounded switches and receptacles with CSA approved devices.
  • Interconnected Smoke and CO detectors

Replacing Knob & Tube wiring gives you the peace of mind, knowing your electrical system meets the modern electrical code for your home & family safety.

What our Customers Have to Say:

All Our Knob & Tube Rewiring Projects Include the Following

    1. Arranging all necessary permits.
    2.  Disconnecting and replacing the old Knob & Tube wiring with a new, safer, code compliant, grounded, copper wiring system.
    3. ​Removing all waste created.
    4. ​Protect your furniture & floor
    5. ​Passing all inspections from the Electrical Safety Authority and issuing a copy of the final inspection
    6. ​Letter for the Insurance Company, stating that the old K & T has been replaced with a new permanent copper wiring
    7. ​Lifetime Workmanship Warranty & Follow up Service

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