The Armitage House Rewiring

A very busy young entrepreneur with young children, Steve was in the middle of the basement renovation. His goal was to create an entertainment room where he could unwind and a cozy space for the kids to play. Those aims would also mean renovating the basement’s bathroom.

While thinking about his home improvement project, Steve starting musing about his house’s electrical system too. When he bought the house, Steve knew it still had knob and tube wiring. But, after doing some research and learning about the possible dangers and limitations of the old wiring, not to mention the implications for the cost and difficulty of getting house insurance, Steve decided to have the knob and tube removed and rewire the whole house.

The problem was that such an undertaking would extend the time planned for the renovation. At the time he made the rewiring decision, Steve already had a two-week vacation booked for the whole family!

After interviewing five other contractors, he talked to Octavio. The fit was just right and Steve decided that hiring WireChief Electric would mean he wouldn’t need to skip his vacation! Our extensive knob and tube experience and impeccable record helped Steve to feel confident that the job would be done right, even sight unseen! He entrusted his house to us, handing over the keys and hopping on a plane.

WireChief was happy to rise to the challenge of a tight timeframe. While the family frolicked on the other side of Canada, we got busy removing the knob and tube, rewiring the house and basement, as well as installing a new panel and recessed lighting too.

When Steve and his family returned, Steve was surprised to see that we had done all that work with very minimal damage to walls, wallpaper, and ceilings – just a few small holes to be precise!

For us, this project was a very rewarding chance to live up to our values of being trustworthy and ultra-reliable!