Knob & Tube Removal Case Study

It was time for Johannes to reinsure his house. But his insurance provider was requesting that he get rid of the home’s knob and tube wiring. With two young daughters, he and his wife realized that it was indeed a good idea to get the electrical safety of their house up to standard.

Octavio went to meet the family and discuss how WireChief Electric would help with the project. Johannes, a senior planner for the City of Burnaby, explained that while he and his wife really wanted the house rewired, they needed the job done without their home becoming a chaotic work site. For WireChief that was not an obstacle since we are very accustomed to treading lightly in our work! We completely understood the request and went about getting the work done while the family went on living in the house.

The first step in the couple’s plan was a stroke of genius. It was a pleasure and an honour to help mom and dad ensure that the house’s wiring upgrade didn’t impact their little girls. We willingly bumped our working hours to start a little later than our norm, giving mom a chance to get the kids ready and off to school without us as a distraction.

Having WireChief in their home during the 7 work days we spent on this project was not quite as dramatic as you might imagine, however! Though our work included disconnecting the knob and tube wiring, we were able to provide the family with some power throughout the work, for example in the bathroom and kitchen.

The one unusual real challenge for our team during this project involved the family’s cherished pet. Johannes had a daddy’s responsibility and needed our help to ensure that the girls’ very friendly cat (who was, of course, sneaky and determined, as felines always are) be kept inside while we were busy going in and out with materials. But succeed we did: the family’s furry-faced friend had his escape attempts repeatedly foiled!

A safe pet and a much safer electrical system too? Talk about happy endings!