5 Residential Wiring Aspects of Home Renovation Projects

I have been working on a lot of home improvement or home renovation projects in Metro Vancouver.

There are some residential wiring aspects of home renovation projects that are common in every Vancouver home renovation project.

Growing families and outdated houses combine to create a need for home renovation projects big and small. You may be upgrading your kitchen or adding a basement suite,  but each job has one thing in common: a need for a professional Vancouver electrician.  A lot depends on the size of your project and the age of your home,  but a professional electrician should work with you to determine what factors you need to consider before starting on your home renovation projects.

Residential-Wiring-Aspects -Vancouver-Home-Renovation-Projects

Working on Residential Renovation Projects with Fellow Member of HAVAN – reVision Renovations

1: New Wiring

If you’re adding a room onto your house, you should consider your wiring needs before you finalize your plans. You should work with a licensed Vancouver electrician from the very beginning to find out the amount of power you’ll need running through the room, the amount of outlets that are necessary, and any lighting fixtures you might want to install. Ideally, this should all be part of the original planning stage before any actual work begins.

2: Upgraded Wiring

Your original house structure is solid, but maybe you don’t like the out-of-date moldings or you’re using the room much more than you used to. Maybe you don’t need an entirely new set of electrical wiring, but an upgrade may be in order. Adding more outlets to a room due to the need to plug more appliances or entertainment devices may put a strain on your system. You might want to replace older fuse boxes by modern circuit breakers, and inspect old wiring to make sure it’s still in good condition.

3: Outlets & Switches

Renovating a bedroom or dining room may call for installing a dimmer switch to help with the mood as well as controlling electrical costs. Energy efficient light fixtures combined with dimmer switches can enhance any room while saving money. Any room which may contain moisture should be equipped with GFCI outlets, including bathrooms, garage, workshops, backyard, kitchen, wet bar area of basement, hot tub, pool area.

4: Lightning

Almost every home renovation project includes lighting upgrades. Recessed lighting or pot lights are usually the most requested lighting upgrades. Also kitchen lighting upgrades and bathroom vanity lights replacement.  In addition,  homeowners might consider having additional protection in the form of surge suppression, to ensure the safe operation of your modern electronics during sudden power outages due to lightning.

5: Energy Savings

A huge improvement can be done by changing all light bulbs for LED lighting systems. They run cooler, use less power, and produce a brighter light than older incandescent bulbs. For fluorescent lights in basements, kitchens, and workshops, replacing the ballast in each light for new, high-efficiency ones can save power for a greener lifestyle.

When you’re considering a Vancouver home renovation project, don’t forget all the electrical wiring aspects – it will save you time and possible money by taking all the aspects into account before the home renovation project starts.