Robson St. Condo Renovation and Lighting Upgrade

Robson St. Vancouver Condo Renovation & Lighting Upgrade

Here the lighting were upgraded to complement the look, the style, the feel and the colour scheme of the Vancouver condo.

Most Vancouver condo are turned over with only a few lighting fixtures or even just light points where you can install or connect your own light fixtures. The right use of lighting can literally transform a living space, resulting in greater functionality of  a room, drawing attention to desired areas and making a room feel larger. The proper change in lighting can help you accomplish your design goals. Choosing light fixtures that match a fashion-forward look with energy-efficient features enables a homeowner to enjoy aesthetics and ongoing energy savings and can increase a home’s desirability to future buyers. Recessed pot lights, surface-mounted or pendant lamps and track lights are good options. Don’t forget the basic decorative lights: lamps for the end tables and bedside tables, desk lamps, and a floor lamp in a cozy nook or beside a console if you have the space. Accent lighting always softens the feel of any room and makes it welcoming.

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