Octavio saves the day

About a month ago, on the Friday of a long weekend, we were getting prepared for a trip to Europe in the morning.

As the other half was packing, I thought, well I’m done packing so I will change some old yellow outlets to nice new white ones. (I know – OCD, right?)

After I replaced the 7th one, I turned to the ones on the kitchen counter and managed to not only knock out that circuit, but power to the entire condo.

As my breakers were all fine, I started calling electricians to do a late night, long weekend house call.

WireChief was the first to call back, and they set to dispatch someone to our home asap. Great.

In the meantime, Octavio, my new hero, took the time to talk to me about what I had done to screw things up so royally. He was kind, patient, helpful and so generous with his time. He probably spent 30 minutes with me, at night, on a long weekend.

Really long story short, and after I had to “break into” two electrical rooms on 2 different floors, Octavio guided me to fix my stupid screw up, he cancelled the dispatch, saved my European vacations, and likely my marriage.

Thank you so much WireChief and Octavio!

Even though I didn’t end up spending a cent this time, you can be that when I do some renovations, WireChief will be my first, and only call. I will also be sharing Wirechief’s amazing customer service with everyone who will listen.