Safety Inspection on Knob & Tube Wiring

“My home insurance company required a safety inspection on knob & tube wiring in my home before they would renew the policy. I had the same insurance policy for more than 30 years, had done a major house addition & renovation in 1984 (which was inspected by the city electrical inspector at the time) and there were no previous problems but the insurance company decided to do a detailed survey about the construction of my home for some reason. I told them there was still some K&T wiring left that we could not replace in 1984 without tearing several walls apart and I was given 30 days to submit a report by a licensed electrical contractor. I was leaving for a 3 week vacation in a few days so I needed something done in a hurry. I read the Homestars reviews on electrician, found that Octavio had done a similar report for a customer who gave him a good recommendation so I e-mailed him on a Saturday (not a working day for him), explained the problem and the timeline, and he replied within two hours to tell me he could fit in an inspection visit on Monday. He showed up right on time, knew exactly what was needed, did a thorough job of looking at all parts of the K&T wiring and completed the report immediately before he left. By 11AM Monday I emailed his report to the insurance company and started packing my suitcase. The price was fair, the work was excellent, and I really appreciated the timely response by Octavio. For all those reasons I am pleased recommend him to anyone who needs the same type of inspection done.”