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Knob & Tube Wiring Removal, Repairs & Insurance Inspections

Protect your home and loved ones with our Knob and Tube wiring removal, repairs, and electrical safety inspections in Vancouver

Your home is where you feel comfortable and spend some quality time with family and friends. Stop worrying about your old and inconvenient Knob and Tube wiring. We’ll take care of it.

Here’s why replacing your Knob and Tube wiring should be your top priority:

While the Technical Safety BC considers this open-wire system safe in its original state, due to its age, the condition of the Knob & Tube wiring can be compromised, causing potential risks.

Also, modern electrical systems allow you to fully enjoy the convenience of current electrical appliances, and safety devices.

• Serious fire hazard

Uncontained sparks from arcing and having the cables pushed into the building materials are just two of many reasons that make Knob and Tube wiring a fire hazard.

• Electric shock risk

With Knob and Tube wiring, there’s a lack of grounded and bonded receptacles, switches and light fixtures. Having no ground wire means that electric surges will go through you, instead of the ground wire.

• Limited power outlets

Knob and Tube wiring wasn’t designed for today’s electric loads. This means a limited number of power outlets that you can use. No GFCI, Arc Fault or Temper Resistant receptacles.

• Higher insurance premium

Insurance companies know the hazards associated with Knob &Tube wiring. If your home has this outdated system neglected, you’ll pay a premium for insurance. Some ask for K & T disconnection and rewiring.

• Risk to your appliances & electronics

Having no ground wire means that a Knob and Tube wiring system only supports two-prong outlets. This means no electric surge protection for your three-prong appliances, computers or entertainment devices. Electrical spikes can completely damage your electrical devices & appliances.

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How can we help you?

Our team of experienced Vancouver electricians has been helping clients with K & W wiring for over 10 years. Whatever Knob and Tube wiring services you might need, our team is ready to help.

Vancouver Knob & Tube Wiring Experts

• Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement & Rewiring

Remove your old Knob and Tube wire system, and replace it with a safer, modern electrical system.

• Wiring Safety Assessment

Understand the current condition of your existing Knob and Tube wiring and the risks it poses to your home.

• Insurance Electrical Wiring Inspections

Identify your Knob and Tube wiring risk level with the help of our knowledgeable electricians.

• Knob and Tube Wiring Repairs

Lower your risk rating by keeping your Knob and Tube system in the best possible shape.

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Why WireChief Electric?

Our team of skilled Vancouver Electricians is ready to help you

• Friendly Electricians

We care about our clients’ properties and treat everyone with kindness and respect.

• Top Quality Work

K & T requires expertise, superior craftsmanship & the best materials you deserve.

• Excellent Communication

You can always reach our team by email or phone during regular work hours.

• Full Transparency

We give each and every client the full picture and talk openly about timing and pricing.

• Clear Budget

No surprises. We give you a clear budget at the start of each project and stick to it.

• Lifetime Warranty

Nothing gives you peace of mind better than our lifetime workmanship warranty.

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These are the most common questions about Knob and Tube replacement that we get from our clients.


Where does WireChief Electric operate?

We provide residential electrical services to Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Surrey, Delta, White Rock and Richmond.

Do I have to work with WireChief after getting my free consultation?

No. This is a no-obligation courtesy consultation to help you learn more about your electrical system and investigate the possibility of rewiring or repairing the electrical in your house.

Will you honor the price you provided in my initial quote?

Absolutely. Extras will only be added if you require additional work outside the project’s scope, add upgrades during the project, or if something is uncovered during the Knob & Tube rewiring project that we could not have predicted in advance.

Will the Knob and Tube replacement damage my home?

Not when you work with us. At WireChief, we take pride in our process that preserves the vintage homes of our clients. And that’s why we protect your furniture, and floor covering before we start working.
At the end of each working day, we clean everything before so the impact on your home is minimal.
We pride ourselves in minimum cutting to your vintage home.
We provide Home Rewiring with No Mess, No Stress.

Is it hard to get insurance for a home with Knob and Tube wiring?

Unfortunately, it is. It’s not uncommon these days that insurance companies refuse to insure or are reluctant to renew insurance policies for homes with Knob & Tube wiring. For buyers of homes with such wiring, it’s very difficult to get insurance coverage.

Can I lower my insurance premium without rewiring my entire house?

Yes. Repairing your Knob and Tube will lower its risk and as a result, your insurance premium. After we inspect your house, we’ll give you a full assessment of the situation, and explain the different options you have.

Does Knob and Tube wiring affect the price of my property?

Absolutely. Since it’s more difficult to get insurance for a home with Knob and Tube wiring, it’s recommended that you replace it before you put your home on the market. You will get a much better price for your certified Knob-and-Tube-free property.

Do you provide written certification of Knob and Tube replacement?

Yes. After we remove and replace all of the Knob & Tube circuits in your house, it’ll be inspected by the City Inspectors to approve that the work has been completed in accordance with the electrical code standards. After that, we’ll provide you with a Written Certification, as well as a copy of the approved inspection.

What is a Knob and Tube Removal and Repairs Certificate used for?

These certifications can be used as verification with insurance companies to guarantee that your home meets the current Canadian Electrical Safety Code Standards and that either the active K & T was disconnected and replaced or properly repaired & maintained. When selling a vintage house, these certifications will assure potential buyers —and their insurers— of the electrical wiring status of your house. This will give you the maximum market value yield for your property.