Electrician for a Day

Our Electrician For A Day Program is specifically designed for:

Small renovation jobs.

Several small jobs.

Jobs that are on an as-needed basis

Maintenance touch-ups on an ongoing basis

Our Vancouver Electrician for a Day Program includes:

A professional, experienced electrician with a fully-equipped vehicle, including all necessary tools,  drop cloths, ladders and basic materials.

7  1/2  hours of work.

Worker Compensation, Liability, and Property Damage Insurance.

Electrician for a Day

You can have a professional Vancouver electrician come and work for a day taking care of several small items. We’ll supply the professional labour to help you with your quick project or a short list of tasks.

What does Electrician for a Day include?

It includes one professional experienced electrician for 7 ½ hours of work. He’ll bring professional tools and basic electrical materials.

What amount of work can an Electrician for a Day get done?

Every job is different, and work conditions are different, so it’s not possible to say specifically what can be accomplished.  But to give you a general idea, a professional Vancouver electrician would typically be able to: 

Install appliances.
Ceiling fans installation.
Wire new switches, receptacles, light fixtures.
Troubleshooting, repairs.
Complete a quick project or short list of those small electrical tasks.

What does Electrician for a Day cost?

The fee for Electrician for a Day is $680.00 + applicable taxes.

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What happens if I need the Electrician for a Day for more than one day?

Depending on the schedule, the electrician may be able to stay an extra hour or two on the day he is working for you. The additional cost per hour is $85.00 + applicable taxes (billed to the nearest half hour). If necessary, you can book the Vancouver Electrician for a Day for a second day (at the same daily rate), although we will need to confirm availability for the second day.

What about additional materials that may be needed?

You can purchase the materials or you can have our electrician purchase the materials, the retail cost for any additional materials purchased will be added to your invoice.

What constitutes part of the Electrician for a Day’s work time, and what does not?

The electrician’s coffee and lunch break are not part of the 7.5 hours. If, however, he needs to leave the site to purchase materials on your behalf, this time is considered part of his work day.

What if the electrician finishes my work in less than a day?

Since our electrician is booked for the entire day and likely can’t fill the rest of his day with other paid hours, there is no refund for partial days of work. The flat rate is $680.00 + applicable taxes for his services, whether the job takes just a few hours or the entire 7.5 hours.

Are there restrictions on what the Electrician for a Day can do?

The rate is based on work under 12’ in height ceilings and assumes that the Electrician will be able to gain safe access to the work area. Some specialized services and installations may not be available under the Electrician for a Day. The Electrician for a Day can include working under a higher ceiling, but there will be an additional charge for the use of a scaffolding system. Tasks that require two technicians, such as installing heavy light fixtures.  

What electrical equipment & materials will the Electrician for a Day bring? 

Standard professional tools.
Wire, marrette wire nuts.
Receptacles, GFCI receptacles.
Switches, cover plates.
Smoke Detectors.
Standard, professional ladders.
Sundry supplies.
(Please inform us of any work planned over 10’ so that we have the proper ladders with us.)