Considering a 200-Amp Electrical Service Upgrade? What is Involved?

what is involved in upgrading to a 200-amp service


Upgrading to a 200-amp electrical panel with a service is often necessary because families today use more power than older properties can handle.

Greater reliance on electric appliances and electronic devices significantly bumps up power consumption.

And when you use more power than your home’s electrical system can manage, circuit breakers are likely to constantly trip, shutting down the supply – an indication of a potential fire hazard.

Increasing amperage capacity allows you to use more power safely, with better performance from your electricity supply.

But what is involved in upgrading to a 200-amp service?

Read on to find out.


Steps in an Electrical Service Upgrade

Amperage is the measurement of your property’s electrical current. This is what the electrical panel or fuse box is based on, with connections to various circuits. So, upgrading amperage means more power.

Updating your home’s electrical service from 60 or 100 watts to 200 watts is a job for professionals. It takes time and needs careful planning. It includes:

Getting permits.

Shutting off the power supply.

Installation of the new electrical panel.

Electrical rewiring.

Inspection of work.

Reconnecting cables.


The 200-Amp Electrical Service Upgrade Process

A 200-amp service upgrade increases the capacity of your electrical distribution system and involves disconnecting the supply to install a new 200-amp electrical panel, meter socket, and wiring.

The work will have to be inspected and authorized before the utility company can turn your electricity back on.

Your electrician will coordinate with the utility provider in order to install the service and the meter base, and arrange the necessary inspections and disconnection and reconnection of the supply.

Installing a new service and electrical panel usually takes about a day.


How Long Will I Be Without Power?

For a 200-amp panel upgrade with a service, the local power utility – BC Hydro – will need to disconnect your electricity supply for about half a day.

This usually involves:

Shutting off power in the morning so the electrician can do the work.

An electrical inspection around midday.

Reconnecting the supply in the afternoon.


Utility Company Regulations

You’ll need to consider BC Hydro service upgrade regulations when you install a 200-amp electrical panel with service.

For instance:

The meter and panel may need to be relocated.

Bonding gas lines and water pipes to ground may be required.

A private properly pole may be needed to support overhead power lines.


Signs you Need an Electrical Service Upgrade

You could probably benefit from an electrical service upgrade if you’re experiencing problems with your electrics such as:

Insufficient power for modern appliances, especially if you have an old electrical panel that can’t cope with new technology.

Flickering lights when you switch on appliances.

Power surges that put appliances at risk.

Discoloured outlets due to excessive heat.

Poor energy efficiency resulting in higher electricity costs.

Electrical panel buzzing or humming.

Persistent tripping of circuit breakers.


Benefits of an Electrical Service Upgrade

Upgrading your electrical system to 200 amps makes your home safer and facilitates the use of more appliances.

This will be particularly beneficial if you live in an older property or new appliances have pushed up power consumption.

An upgrade from a 60-watt or 100-watt amp service will enable you to carry out home improvements such as a new air conditioner, an entertainment room, a heated swimming pool, hot tub, or appliance updates.


Other benefits of a 200-amp service include:

More circuits can be added.

No more tripped circuit breakers shutting down your electricity supply.

Appliances protected from tripped-breaker outages.

Consistent power supply.

Peace of mind that your home meets electrical code safety standards.

Increasing the value of your home.

Lower electricity bills.


If you’re considering updating a 60-amp service to 100 amps, it’s worth bearing in mind that an upgrade to 200 amps costs only slightly more.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Modern home life needs modern power resources.

The amperage rating of your electricidal system dictates how much power your circuits can handle. If more power is drawn than the circuits can deal w, breakers will cut the supply as a safety measure.

The problem is that household power consumption grows with the increasing dependence on electric and electronic devices for convenience and entertainment.

The good news is that it’s relatively easy to bring your home’s electrical system into the 21st century by installing a 200-amp service – the minimum recommended for modern homes.

Upgrading to a 200-amp service means you’ll be able to enjoy modern living and comforts with peace of mind of high performance and safety levels.

Now you know the basics of what is involved in upgrading to a 200-amp service, get in touch if you’d like a fast, online quote for the work from WireChief Electric.

For your own safety, please keep in mind that a 200-amp panel upgrade with a service is a complex electrical project, and DIY attempts can be fatal.